25 Bay Area Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

A Bay Area Wedding Photographer's 25 Tip List

Here are 25 of the best wedding planning tips from Bay Area wedding photographers!

23 November 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Planning a San Francisco bay area wedding is no easy task. There are so many things to consider, and it can be overwhelming. That's why we've assembled 25 tips for planning bay area weddings that will help you stay on top of everything! Read on if you want some helpful hints about your wedding day. Some might seem obvious, some you might've never heard before. Regardless we are here for every couple! Whether it's the night before or you just got engaged, read on to calm your nerves about your wedding. It's going to be so much fun!


Tips for your Bay Area Wedding


  1. Make sure there’s enough parking for everyone. We all know San Francisco isn’t the best for parking so make sure to ask your venue if there will be ample.
  2. Find out what the weather will be like on your big day so you can plan accordingly!
  3. Be sure to take into account how far everyone needs to travel
  4. Think about how many guests you’re expecting (and plan accordingly!
  5. Consider hiring professional photographers who specialize in bay areas weddings so that everything looks perfect for each and every picture taken on the big day. You’ll never regret it–trust us!
  6. Avoid having any food allergies conflict with wedding food options by asking each of your guests about their dietary restrictions in advance. This way, you can plan accordingly and have plenty of wedding food that everyone will be able to enjoy!

Trust us - we've been Bay Area wedding Photographers for a long time

  1. Be sure there are plenty of places for people to sit down
  2. Be sure to ask loved ones and family members where they are staying if it isn’t at your house
  3. If you’re planning a wedding in San Francisco, make sure that all of your guests know how much walking around might take place during the course of the event. Also consider hiring transportation companies or shuttles to help shuttle people from one destination to another throughout the night. Remember: no bay area wedding should go without Uber ! See? We love them almost as much as our clients do 😉
  4. Be sure there are enough restrooms for every guest attending the wedding
  5. If it’s wintertime , make sure everyone knows how cold it might get at night so they can dress appropriately (and bring a jacket!)
  6. If it’s summertime, keep in mind that San Francisco weddings can be hot and muggy during the day. Make sure all your wedding guests know how to dress accordingly!
  7. Consider hiring a wedding coordinators who will help you navigate everything from vendors to transportation logistics so there are no headaches on the big day!

Make the most of your Bay Area Wedding


  1. Make sure wedding guests know what to expect from the wedding venue. Are there stairs? Will they need to walk a lot or stay seated during the ceremony itself? This way, everyone can plan accordingly and will be as comfortable as possible!
  2. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding , consider getting fireworks for your reception so that all of your guests have a great time even after dark!
  3. Tell your San Francisco/Bay Area DJ want songs you want beforehand!
  4. If it’s summertime, consider having the ceremony during the day and inside for your reception. This way there will still be plenty of light but everyone can enjoy being out of the heat! Don’t you love San Francisco weather? 🙂
  5. Be sure that wedding guests know where everything is so they don’t get lost or turned around
  6. Find out what time sunset is at different times of the year when planning a wedding if you want pictures taken outside (a must).
  7. Be sure everyone has an amazing view while they are eating
  8. Remember: after parties are always better than before parties
  9. It’s important to be flexible throughout the bay area wedding planning process so you have a day that is truly memorable!
  10. Make sure wedding guests know what time the wedding starts and end. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who show up too late/early and leave way too late.
  11. Remember: it’s not about how much money is spent but rather how memorable the entire wedding experience was for both of you as well as all of your family members and best friends. It should be filled with love and laughter–and bay area wedding photographers will capture it all perfectly.
  12. Breath and take it all in. You’re getting married! Have so much fun and make sure to dance the night away.

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