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Beach Wedding Photography Poses

Beach Wedding Photography Poses

Are you getting married at the beach? It's a beautiful location, but there are many things to consider before taking that step. One of them is how to take pictures without the photo looking "cheesy."

27 January 2022 / Caius Symboll®

Poses so your wedding photos can turn out beautifully rather than tacky.


1. Stretching out

One photo that is very popular for beach weddings is to stretch out on the sand with your spouse who has one arm around you. This pose looks really adorable, but should only be used if both of you are ready to get sand in uncomfortable places. If possible, ask someone nearby to sprinkle a bit of water on the sand to make it look more pristine.


2. Hand in Hand

Another great pose is simply holding your spouse’s hand while looking at them with love and happiness. It’s simple, but there are some variations you can try. Sometimes it looks cute if one of you is slightly in front of the other. Other times, it might be more romantic if you’re both on equal footing.


3. Aligning for Pictures

Sometimes pictures come out better when there is an invisible line that divides two people into “sides.” Take some bridal photos with your spouse that looks like they are on different sides of a line. Then, take some photos where you’re both on the same side.


4. Beachy Yet Classy

Everyone wants their pictures to look professional, not silly or cheesy. Some people tend to avoid traditional shots in favor of poses that show more personality. The best of both worlds is when you have a pose that looks classy, but it’s still in a fun and interesting location. The “rock the frock” style is really popular for beach weddings because it gives a bit of a playful vibe while ensuring you don’t look out of place.


5. Beachy Yet Classy II

Another classic pose is having your spouse kneel in front of you while you both look at each other with love. This one looks great on the sand, but it can also be done indoors or anywhere else. There are some nice variations to this shot including taking a photo from a different angle shaped like an X, having your husband pick you up, or taking the photo with you both facing away from each other.


6. Heartfelt Embrace

Many pictures are taken while embracing your spouse in a loving hug. There are many variations of this pose depending on how close or far apart you are standing, what angle you’re taking the picture from, and where you look. This pose is very flexible, so have fun with it to get the results you desire.


7. Bride in front of the groom.

This pose is great for a more traditional photo. The husband is in the back with his hands on his wife’s shoulders making her look like she’s flying or soaring through the air. If you aren’t feeling the “flying” effect, have him put his arms over her stomach instead of her shoulders to make it look less awkward.


8. Beach Walking

This is a great photo idea if you’re going for a more relaxed approach rather than traditional or formal poses. Simply walk along the beach looking at your spouse with love. If you want, twirl each other around like you’re dancing or try walking backwards while still looking at each other lovingly.


9. Arms up

One cute photo idea involves having your spouse pick you up while you have your arms raised in the air. If possible, have a sunset in the background for a romantic look. This is very fun pose to try because it looks really playful and romantic at the same time. It’s a great idea if you want to show how happy and joyful you are.


10. The Clasped Hands Pose

Sometimes certain poses look best with a bit of an artistic flair. Have your spouse clasp your hands and then stand behind you. Then, take the photo from a mixture of angles including: over your shoulder, zoomed in so you can’t see their face, and zooming out so they are barely visible. This is a very fun pose to try because it looks great no matter how you take the photo.


Married at the Beach

There are many photo ideas for people getting married on the beach. Be creative and use poses that make sense in your surroundings to make your wedding photos look as great as possible.

Beach weddings are very popular and can be used to show either a casual or formal approach. Beach wedding photography poses include embracing your spouse, holding hands, aligning for pictures, heartfelt embrace, “Hawaiian” pose, walking along the beach. These poses should be used with the setting of the beach in mind. Beach wedding photography poses are very flexible, so have fun to get the desired look for your pictures.


Choosing a Beach Wedding Photographer

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