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Classic or elegant style wedding | Wedding style

Classic or elegant style wedding | Wedding style

8 April 2021 / Dan Symboll®

Classics are classics for a reason. Some of the first things that come to mind when you think of a wedding are the bride’s pristine white dress, the groom’s clean-cut tuxedo, and the hours of joy at a three-course banquet.

These classic, or traditional weddings, are typically what we see in TV shows, movies, and of course with the Royal family. The types of ceremonies are perfected by generations of brides, grooms, and those who came before them. Before you start building your perfect wedding, we at CineStory have broken down the basics of your compiled must-knows for your traditional-style wedding.



Where you say your “I do’s” are almost as nearly memorable as the act of doing so. Classic or traditional-style wedding ceremonies typically take place in a church or a religious space. Your ceremony setting is the first place you and your loved ones become bound by love.

One of the perks that come with holding your classic wedding ceremony in a church is that you only need to worry about is perfecting the pomp and circumstance and your vows. With religious spaces, there’s already a designated alter, ample sitting room, and musical instruments. Though your selected church may already have stained-glass windows and fancy organ that don’t need any further dressing up, there are many ways you can personalize your church wedding ceremony, from specialized floral decorations to ornate candle pieces.


For classic and traditional weddings, both parties bring about the same number of loved ones. They each also gather siblings, friends, and other loved ones to create their entourage, like groomsmen and bridesmaids. Holding your ceremony in a space like a church can make your special day feel even more grand and sacrosanct. Reciting your vows and sealing your love with a kiss at the altar also ensures that all eyes are on you.

Imagine your friends and family sitting in the wooden pews of your church or other religious space watching you as you march down the aisle. After the ceremony ends, you can envision your loved ones sprinkling you and your new Mr./Mrs. With rice and good wishes as you burst through the chapel doors.


Every wedding doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter formula and neither do wedding dresses. But one of the trademarks of a classic or traditional-style wedding is the white detailed, princess ballgown style.

Donning a white gown as you walk down the aisle is something beyond compare. Your white trail follows behind and you draw the eyes of all the loved ones surrounding you. You feel regal, beautiful and loved. You chose the perfect dress, a dress that you’ll come to cherish. You can sport wedding gowns made of different materials, from silk to satin, to lace. Your dress can have glitter, crystals, lace appliqués and so many more details that can elevate it from just a plain wedding dress.

Wedding gowns come in all different shapes and sizes to cater to all different kinds of brides, so finding your perfect dress just take patience and a clear vision. Check out some of these gowns below for inspiration.





Once you’ve picked out the perfect dress, gone to the church, and said your “I do’s,” it’s time to party it up at the reception and celebrate with all the traditional wedding activities. In this section, we’ll talk about everything from the banquet to all the fun and games.

After a sentimental ceremony at your church and taking family and group photos, you and your wedding attendees are bound to have made some space for food. Grubbing on some delicious dishes is what will help keep the energy of your special day high.

Before your guests dive into the main course or entree, you can start them off with appetizers or hor d’oeuvres. If you’d like to for loved ones for friends and family from each of the groom’s/bride’s side to get to know each other and mingle, hors d’oeuvre may be a great option. The more stationary option would be offering appetizers at the assigned tables. These appetizers can include fresh salads and smaller dishes. Starting off the banquet with an appetizer at the table will allow your guest to recharge for the hours of dancing to follow.



Your traditional wedding reception comes with all the bells and whistles including those moving moments comprised of speeches, toasts and dances. What you’ll typically see for traditional receptions are the couple’s first dance, each newly-wed’s dance with either their mother or father.

You’ll also see fun games for nearly everyone involved. It isn’t really a true wedding reception until the bride tosses up their bouquet in the air, free for any of the single bridesmaids to catch. Supposedly the lucky bridesmaid who catches the flowers is meant to walk down the aisle next.

On the groom’s side of fun, it can get a little frisky. The newly-wed groom gets down on his knees and searches for his bride’s garter hidden under her dress. The catch is that he can only pull it out with his teeth. Once the groom retrieves the garter, he tosses the garter into the crowd of bachelors gathered at the ceremony. Like the bouquet for the eligible bridesmaid, a bachelor catching the bride’s garter could mean that he’ll have a ceremony of his own, too.

Sometime between the games, the couple will ceremoniously slice the cake. They’ll cross their arms and feed each other before everyone else can dig in.



Each culture and different religions can also put its own spin on traditional weddings. Some have the newlyweds sit in chairs as their loved ones thrust them up in the air and sing. Others have money dances that guarantee the couple a prosperous future.

These are just the basics of a traditional or classic-style wedding. However, whether you choose to follow them to a T or put your own personal twist on the style is all up to you. Regardless of how you adhere or digress from the basics, know that your special day will only add to the generations of love and celebration that came before.

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