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Indian Wedding Timeline

Indian Wedding Timeline

24 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Indian Wedding Timeline

Indian Weddings are full of vibrant, cultural events that last over a few days. The Haldi, Mehndi, and Sangeet all play an important role in the celebration of marriage between two people from different religious backgrounds or castes who want their wedding day to be unique yet traditional at the same time as per Indian culture's standards. These small but significant milestones pull together not only religion but also other aspects like clothing style into one cohesive whole - it is imperative for every detail you plan on having during this eventful occasion if there’s anything left up to interpretation (such us what type of dress your bride will wear) then make sure someone knows how they would prefer things done because once these plans go underway something may change unexpectedly. If you're planning a wedding, it is essential to plan the timeline of events.

24 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Below is an example of an Indian Wedding Timeline

5:00 am – Bridal Party Hair and Makeup Begins | 2-3 Hours

The perfect hairstyle, makeup, and photography all come together for a cohesive look. Hairs are styled by the hairdresser before they’re set in place on one of your models who has been chosen to represent what type of style you would like; this is typically done during an initial consultation with them which can last 1-2 hours depending upon how much time it takes their stylist or artiste that day! Once everything has been prepared to perfection (including any final touches such as false eyelashes), photographers will take pictures outside near where we’ll later have portraits taken when possible because light often yields beautiful results no matter if there’s sun out OR rain pouring down.

7:00 am – Photographer Arrives, Takes Photos of Details | 45 Minutes

You should have all of your details ready for the photographers, carefully organized into one place. For example a bachelorette party or bachelor party would include things like clothing and shoes that the bride might need in addition to any accessories such as her sari (cloth), lengha (rows behind head)

rings worn on fingers during Hindu rituals which symbolize marriage; these could also include other jewelry she wants to be displayed online by friends and family members following their wedding day…for groom’s side – make sure everything matches!


7:45 am – All Hair and Makeup Complete

7:45 am – Prep Portraits | 30 Minutes

As you prep for your big day, it’s important to take care of all the little things. This includes getting a photo session with hair and makeup done as well as candid photos that capture everyone at their finest moments before heading out into public view!

8:15 am – Individual Portraits | 45 Minutes

It’s so exciting to see the bride and groom up-close just before they head out for their first look location. As we photograph them, time seems frozen in this beautiful moment where all is calm with everything going on around us; it captures what an emotional event weddings can be!


8:45 am – Leave Room for First Look

8:50 am – First look/ Couple’s Daytime Session | 30 Minutes (At Least)

The first look is a sweet and intimate time that your photographer will capture for you to remember the moment forever. After this, there’s an opportunity in front of the camera where all attention can be on one another before they head into their daytime session together as husband or wife at least once during wedding coverage; leave ample room here if possible!

You’ll have some alone portraits when it comes down just between two people who are getting married which includes everything from pre-ceremony preparations through after reception party shots – these photos should show off how unique each couple truly feels about themselves.

9:20 am – Bridal Party Portraits | 50 Minutes (At Least)

For larger bridal parties, more time should be allotted for this photo session and it is suggested that you check out our recommendations on how much of an hour each person will require when calculating these amounts as they vary depending upon the number being rounded up or down from ten people present at your wedding reception who all want individual photographs taken with them separately before heading into group photos together; then there may also need additional portraits done if needed such as those featuring both groomsmen individually instead just one set per male member like what we have seen most often happens traditionally in past examples.

9:30 am – Ceremony Site Should Be Completely Set-Up


9:40 am – Photographs of Ceremony Details | 30 Minutes

The 2nd photographer will take photos of the ceremony site and details during this time.

10:10 am – Bride Hides Away for Baraat

The bride has hidden away from the prying eyes of guests and friends, all in preparation for her big day. knows that soon there will be no stopping this young woman as she embarks on matrimony with one lucky man who has captured hearts across India!

10:15 am – Baraat – Groom Gets On Horse, Procession Begins | 30 Minutes

The bride and groom are greeted by their families as they make their way to the wedding. The music starts playing, people start dancing in celebration of this special day! Photographers follow along capturing all aspects from ceremony décor such as an elegant chuppa (enclosed space) for pictures among flowers with two fountains giving off fluid waterfalls on either side; these photographs will later be displayed during happy hour sessions at your favorite bar afterward to commemorate how beautiful Indian culture can truly be when you let yourself go wild during these joyous moments!


10:45 am – Milni | 20 Minutes

The groom makes his way to the Mandap and removes his shoes before entering. He kneels on the ground with a Joota Chupai, which is usually enormous but composed of five smaller pieces so that it will fit into any small space available at weddings like this one where there are no tents big enough for all attendees; each piece represents an important part in Indian culture – such as honor or love- while also being representative symbolically: rice Cooker translates to fertility because these dishes help women produce more children through childbirth (literally!).

In front of everyone else’s eyes who has come just enjoy themselves without caring what happens tomorrow when they’re married off too!

11:10 am – Groom walks into Mandap

At this point in the timeline, a priest prays to Lord Ganesha for blessing and making the ceremony free of obstacles.

11:20 am – Bridal Grand Entrance

The bride enters the ceremony site and is brought to her Mandap by maternal uncles, or other relatives. This can be referred to as “the Kanya Aagam,” which means literally ‘arrival of a bride.’


11:30 am – Ceremony Begins | 1 Hour

There are many traditions during the ceremony. Blogposts about each one coming soon!

12:45 pm – Ceremony Ends

12:45 pm – Vidaai | 5-10 Minutes

This is when the bride’s family bids her farewell as she rides away with her new husband. This can also be known as a Vidaai.

1:00 pm – Lunch | 1 Hour

12:50 pm – Family Formals at Mandap | 45 Minutes (At Least)

It is time to take formal family photos! You will want your photographer on hand for this, so make sure they know who should be included in order of priority. Once you have selected all those people that are most important and precious to share their memories with during the wedding day itself or afterward as well (we hope!), guests at an Indian wedding may enjoy some food before being photographed together while enjoying these last few moments where everyone can relax from such a busy ceremony schedule.

The ideal photography timeline suggests leaving room depending upon how many relatives one has invited– but rest assured no matter what size YOUR extended family is, taking some time for photos will be beneficial to everyone!


1:30 pm – Couple’s Session | 45 Minutes

This is another opportunity for your photographer to get some more shots as a couple, except now you are married! 45 minutes is the suggested time of this session but it can always be allocated longer if desired or at different locations.

2:15 pm – Bride and Groom Downtime

2:45 pm – Re-Do Hair/Touch-Up Makeup for Reception | 1 Hour and 15 Minutes

It is a good idea to have your photographer take detail and prep shots of any reception outfit changes during this time. This way, you’ll know exactly what clothes or jewelry will be needed for every shot!

4:00 pm – Get Dressed for Reception | 15 Minutes


4:15 pm – Family Portraits | 45 Minutes

This is another chance to get some photos with your family in their formal wear for the reception. It’s important not to miss any portraits you would like, so make sure there’s enough time left over from our session!

5:00 pm – Photographs of Cocktail Details and Guests Mingling | 45 Minutes

5:30 pm – Cocktail Hour | 1 Hour

During the cocktail hour, guests are mingling together and get to know each other. As it’s not uncommon for most couples (the bride and groom included) to not attend this part of events because they want photos during their dress changes or something else entirely different from what was planned at first glance!


5:00 pm Nighttime/Reception Couple’s Session | 1 Hour (At Least)

This is when we get some of the sunset/nighttime shots that are Symboll’s signature look. Be sure to allow enough time for this photo session, as it will take up most of your day! A few key moments throughout the reception hall pre-entry party can wait with you while they happen without compromising on quality photos or allowing someone else’s schedule dictates what happens around yours; however these should also not be minimized just because there could potentially be fewer guests involved in them than other parts during an Indian wedding timeline – so if possible choose wisely how much attention each event requires according with personal preference (ceremony vs cocktail hour).

5:45 pm – Photographs of Reception Details | 45 Minutes

6:45 pm – Doors Open to Reception

Guests are beginning to fill the reception hall, and they take their seats as a way of preparing for what is about to be announced. The first person in this story will enter shortly- it could either be an old man who has traveled all by himself or his son on foot with flowers clutched tightly between both hands before finally walking down the aisle arm-in-arm with theirs loved one; whichever path he takes, these individuals have made sure that each step they take towards us symbolizes new beginnings just like ours!

7:00 pm – Grand Entrance


7:00-9:30 Dinner, Programming, Performances, Speeches

This time in the reception is allotted for whatever programming you have planned. In Indian Wedding Timelines, there are often multiple dancing performances by professional dancers as well as family members and friends who want to show their appreciation of all that has gone into making such an amazing day happen! This can be a great opportunity for speeches from loved ones like maid-of-honor or best man giving thanks where gratitude counts most before opening up the floor on your big night out among everyone else’s celebrations too!

9:30 – Open Dance floor

“It’s party time!” This is a good point to start the dancing. At this stage in their evening, your guests are ready for some mind-blowing moves and lively tunes that will get them out onto the floor!

10:00 pm – Sneak Away Session | 20 Minutes

This is the last couple’s session to photograph. It will have been completely dark now and it’s time for us, your wedding photographers with a mastery of light in our hands (and hearts), capture those moments before they are gone forever when you two were able at long last make each other yours: here on these pages as well as everywhere else where love stories live on!

The best locations offer interesting light—reflected off mirrors or cityscapes; fountains that seem like gentle guardians watching over their charges-so take advantage by shooting away from any windows if possible because what matters most about capturing memories isn’t just how many appear perfect but also feeling lucky enough to be in the presence of your love: thriving like flowers in a field!


10:30 pm – Cake Cutting Ceremony/Dessert

Eat some yummy cake! This also signals to guests that the night is wrapping up.

10:45 Dancing continues

You can dance for another hour or more at this point, it’s up to you how late your vendors have contracted and what time would like to stay up partying!

Wedding Reception Concludes

As you take a bow at the end of your wedding reception, why not stage an Indian-style exit?


Choosing an Indian Wedding Photographer

From the moment your guests arrive at the reception hall, they are in for an experience like no other. Your wedding day should be a memorable one that you can share with loved ones forever- we want every person attending this special occasion to feel welcomed and loved by all who attend it too! So let us capture those moments of joyous celebration as well as any tearful goodbyes on film so future generations can see how much love existed on your day. Choose Symboll as your wedding photographer. Interested in wedding videography? We do that too. Thank you so much for reading! We can’t wait for you to have a blast on your day!


If your wedding spans multiple dates, just select your wedding ceremony date and we will confirm other dates shortly