What is Symboll?

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We are a Unique Wedding Photography, Videography and Planning Studio.

We united the 3 services because we believe that united people can create better than an individual

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Our Clients are Creative Professionals

Who want to create A piece of art that can be passed on for generations


Our locations

Big Sur
Palm Springs
Santa Barbara
San Diego
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Orange County
Our story

Symboll® started as a wedding video company in los angeles, that saw that to get to the best results consistently, we need to do photography in addition to videography, as working with different wedding photographers was a hit and miss for the couples. Then we've added Planning to take it to the next level.

We believe every person deserves for their story to be told. We don't just want to give you wedding photos, videos, and planning, we are giving you a timeless result - your wedding memories, that you can revisit and share endlessly. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day; but you also want it to be about everyone's day - everyone who has come to show you love and support. It is a day that has a story. There is a start and there is a 'happily every after', and you want that story to be captured and told. ​ Our companies experience in wedding photography, videography and planning allows us to truly function as one. We are a team, rather than separate professionals. Instead of one person doing everything that relates to one client, we have different people responsible for different tasks. All moving parts coalescing to form a powerful operation. ​ One of our goals is to make it all as easy as possible. We get to know what you like prior to the wedding day, and on the wedding day you just enjoy it, rather than thinking what and how it is going to be captured. Less stress, more finesse.​


Focus is on real moments you are going to cherish, instead of posed typical shots.


Storytelling, cinematic, movie-like films, instead of typical cheesy videos.


One team doing it all, instead of three different vendors working together for the first time.


At the age of 17, Dan moved by himself from Ukraine to Hollywood to pursue a filmmaking career. After many years of learning and applying his skill set, he found himself in the world of weddings and fell in love with it.

Dan has experience with both photography and filmmaking. Having shot commercials, independent and company projects.


Born and raised in the incredible city of Toronto, Canada. Surrounded by cultures and diversity of the world. In turn, travelling the world for pleasure, work and learning.

Having over ten years of experience in the visual arts industry, from independent projects to large scale sets.

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