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You Need a Black and White Wedding Photographer

You Need a Black and White Wedding Photographer

3 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

10 Reasons for a Black and White Wedding Photographer

Read this blogpost so you know 10 crucial reasons for a black and white wedding photographer

3 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

When you think of a black and white photo, what comes to mind?

A Black and White Wedding Photographer

A black and white wedding photographer is the perfect choice if you want a timeless look for your wedding day.

Imagine how your bridal party will look with a classy touch and all the emotional moments. Imagine your wedding venue. This blog post will discuss some of the reasons why black and white photography has become so popular in recent years.

There are many benefits to choosing a black and white photographer for your wedding day. Not only does it have an old-fashioned feel, but there are also many other advantages that come with this style of photography which we’ll discuss below!


Black and White Wedding Photography is Timeless

A black and white wedding photographer captures timeless moments in black and white. This style of photography is very popular because it has a vintage look to it, and black and white photography has existed for many years before the olden days. Black and whites are timeless because you can incorporate photos from various time periods without anyone noticing! Weddings in black and white photos can look like they were taken decades ago or just yesterday.


Black and White Photos Are More Cost-effective Than Color Photos

Color can be very costly, which is why black and white wedding photographers are becoming more popular. Black and whites don’t require color filters or film development to look their best like most other types of photography do! These black and whites do not need any special treatment in order for them to come out looking great, so you won’t end up spending a lot of extra money on black and white wedding photography.

Black and White Images Allow You to Focus More on The Couple Than The Environment

Color can be beautiful, but they often include distractions such as bright colors, strong light, or backgrounds that detract from your special day. With black and white photographers, you won’t have this problem! Weddings that are black and white include an emphasis on the couple, rather than what’s going on around them. This is why black and whites look so timeless – they’re not affected by seasonal trends or other factors like color photos can be!


Black And White Photographers Have an Artistic Eye For Detail

They don’t get distracted by all the glitz and glamor that can come from traditional wedding photos. Black and white strips it down to just you and your love – all that really matters. They can capture every moment of your big day beautifully without being too intrusive or disruptive to the flow of event.


Monochrome Photography Makes Your Wedding Day Look More Dramatic

Black and whites don’t need color to be beautiful, and black and white photographers know how to highlight the most important parts of your wedding with just black and whites. There are some weddings that look better in color than they do black and white, but this isn’t usually the case! Black and white photos give an artistic touch which makes them appear more dramatic when compared to other types of photography.

Black and Whites Highlight The Beauty of Black Hair

Many black and white photographers prefer to use natural lighting, which is why black and whites are more flattering on darker skin or people with black hair. Black and white photos can make dark colors appear richer than they actually are, especially when you incorporate a lot of black into your special day.

Black and Whites Are Perfect For Black and White Themed Weddings

Many couples like to incorporate black and whites into their wedding, which is why black and white photography has become so popular in recent years! With black and white photographers, you can focus more on your special day without worrying about the quality of color or how they’ll look in black and white.


Black And White Is Unique

Go against the grain from everybody you know and have a truly unique wedding. Don’t be like all the sheep who have the exact same wedding photos. Be different!


Black And White Photographs Have A Vintage Feel to Them.

They remind me of my grandmothers black and white wedding. The black and whites capture a moment in time that will never happen again. There is a type of moodiness in black and white photography too. This is because black and white photos are not taken with color filters on lenses, but rather some other chemistry on the film (or in post production). There are many people who prefer black and whites over color for their weddings, because they seem more old fashioned or chic to them. One thing you need to keep in mind when considering black and white wedding photography is how well the light can be captured in these types of photographs. The black and whites need to take place during the day so that the black and whites will be sharp.

Black And White Images Tend to Be Less Distracting

This means you can focus on the important parts of your day. Black and white photography tends to take away that ‘I don’t belong here’ feeling that a lot of couples experience at their wedding. Black and white captures all those personal touches that you want other people to be able to see in your photos.



Finding A Black And White Photographer

Most wedding photographers are good at taking pictures, but not necessarily telling stories.

At Symboll we believe that every person deserves to have their story told. We don’t just want you to get some pictures and videos of your day; we want you to get timeless memories – your wedding memories that you can relive again and again for years to come. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day; but it also tells a story about everyone who has come there with love in their hearts for you – family members, friends or colleagues who wanted nothing more than wish you happiness on this special day. It is a day that has a start and an end point which means there’s an obvious beginning as well as an ending where two people share vows with each other before celebrating together with all those around them. This is exactly what our packages are designed for – give us one shot at making sure these moments stay forever

We believe in quality over quantity, so we have a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that each one is treated with care and attention. Our goal is to give you timeless memories from your special day rather than just pretty pictures for Facebook likes. We specialize in everything from intimate gatherings to large scale destination weddings

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