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Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding Venue Review

Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding Venue Review


Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience. Set in the Santa Susana Mountains, it offers Spanish-style architecture, expansive gardens, and a private lake. Just a drive from Los Angeles, it provides a secluded, upscale spot perfect for weddings.

13 June 2024 / Caius Symboll®


This place is a photographer’s dream. The Villa has canyon views; Sitting Bull offers a 1920s cobblestone home. The Lawn by the Lake and Main Barn are ideal for both large and small gatherings. The Grand Prix Lawn offers expansive mountain views. Close to LA but feels like a world away. We’ve shot many weddings here and the experience is always top-notch.


100-999 Guests

The Villa: 300

Sitting Bull: 300

Lake Lawn: 700

Q Vineyard: 250

Barn: 800

Grand Prix Lawn: 999



There is no higher price for “prime season”. this venue offers same price year round, giving clients an advantage compared to other venues.

Costs: Venue Only

Starting at $10,000

Q Vineyard

Fri/Sun $10k Sat $12k


The Villa

Sitting Bull

Grand Prix

Lake Lawn


Fri/Sun $17k Sat $19k

What's Included:

Site Rental | Parking

the venue site, bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. This venue stands out for its flexibility, allowing couples to fully customize their wedding. With minimal restrictions, you have the freedom to design every detail, making your day uniquely yours. Please review their website or contact operations for more information.

Location & Accesibility:

Simi Valley, CA

Located near Simi Valley, Hummingbird Nest Ranch is easily accessible from Highway 101 and is approximately 36 miles from LAX, offering a convenient retreat from LA.

Ambiance & Aesthetics:

Natural Charm, Spanish Style

Spanish architecture, olive groves, and water features, with twinkling lights and landscaped gardens. A mild climate year-round makes it ideal for weddings.

Amenities Included:

Venue Site | Bathrooms | Kitchen

Amenities include the venue site, well-maintained bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. These features ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for both the wedding party and guests, making the venue an ideal choice for any celebration.



Hummingbird Nest Ranch offers a diverse range of chefs and catering options, covering most cultural dishes. Based in a multicultural state, they cater to almost any culinary request, allowing couples to explore various menu options and personalize their wedding dining experience.

Wedding Flow

You don’t find many venues like this—it’s perfect for those who are detail-oriented. Hummingbird Nest Ranch has so much to offer and never fails to captivate us. The venue boasts stunning ceremony areas and top-notch reception spots. With some of the best catering we’ve experienced, it feels like a getaway to a different world. The scenery is gorgeous, and the designs by couples are always impressive. Each wedding here is unique, and the venue constantly amazes us. We love it—it’s always fresh and never looks the same.


Getting Ready

The bridal suite here isn’t just a room; it’s an experience. Bathed in natural light, with private bathrooms and makeup stations, it’s designed for comfort and elegance. Forget the usual hotel clutter—no TVs, no phones, no generic art. Every corner has character, making it the perfect spot to start your day. It’s thoughtful, stylish, and sets the tone for the whole wedding. For couples seeking a unique, stress-free prep space, this suite nails it.


First Look Spots

The weather is a big part of it—a Mediterranean climate with rolling hills below 80 degrees, covered in greenery but also borrowing Spanish-European charm. It’s a close-to-home getaway. Hummingbird Nest Ranch, spanning 126 acres, embodies this perfectly. There’s no shortage of first look spots, from lush gardens to stunning architecture. Each corner offers a picturesque backdrop, making it an ideal venue for capturing unforgettable moments. The blend of natural beauty and elegant design creates a unique and enchanting setting for any wedding.


Guests Arriving

Guests arriving at Hummingbird Nest Ranch can opt for valet parking, ensuring a hassle-free start. The venue’s layout allows easy movement between the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Staff guide guests, preventing any confusion. This place nails the transition, making everything feel seamless and well-organized. This meticulous flow makes the venue a top choice for weddings, ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience for everyone.

From Ceremony to Reception

Hummingbird Nest Ranch is designed for a seamless transition from ceremony to reception. Guests stay close, enjoying the stunning scenery during cocktail hour. Accessibility is top-notch, ensuring no one gets lost. This makes planning easy and stress-free. With endless customization options, you can create a wedding flow that fits your vision perfectly. This is why we love working with this venue.


Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony, guests are guided to designated cocktail hour areas like garden patios or the terrace. Here, they can enjoy drinks and appetizers while mingling in a relaxed setting. This time also allows the couple to take romantic photos amidst the stunning scenery.


Creative Photo Locations

The Santa Susana Mountains provide a stunning, open backdrop that never disappoints. What really stands out to us is the architecture. With open windows and great lighting, it’s perfect for portraits. We don’t say it lightly—there really isn’t a spot that doesn’t work for photos. You might already know that this venue hosts many Hollywood film sets. It’s timeless and has the full capacity to provide cinematic-quality shots. Each corner of this venue is a visual treat, making it a favorite for capturing unforgettable wedding memories.



Receptions at Hummingbird Nest Ranch are nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s the grandeur of the Grand Prix Lawn, the rustic elegance of the Main Barn, or the serene beauty of the Lawn by the Lake, each venue offers a unique charm. The Villa, with its Spanish architecture and stunning views, provides an intimate setting, while the expansive lawns are perfect for larger gatherings. The Sitting Bull area adds a touch of historic charm. Every reception here benefits from the gorgeous natural surroundings and meticulous attention to detail, creating a seamless flow from one moment to the next. With top-notch catering options and a layout that keeps guests engaged, every wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch feels like a cinematic experience, leaving lasting memories for everyone involved.

Thoughts and Review

If there’s a venue that stands out among our top five, it’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch. This place truly integrates with our style. I can’t stress enough how beautiful each corner of the 126 acres is. The customization, diverse catering options, and timeless Hollywood charm this venue exudes are unmatched. Photographing couples here feels like a home away from home. The grand beauty lies in its minute details, making every shoot a unique experience. From the expansive lawns to the intricate architecture, Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a photographer’s dream, and we look forward to capturing more love stories here.

For more information and inquiries, visit their website or contact them here.


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