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9 Essential Tips for Brides and Grooms

9 Essential Tips for Brides and Grooms

4 January 2022 / Caius Symboll®

9 Essential Tips for Brides and Grooms

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. You will want to remember this special occasion for years, so that's why we recommend planning and taking pictures throughout most (if not all) aspects of it - rather than stressing out during those final moments before guests arrive!

4 January 2022 / Caius Symboll®

Here are 9 crucial tips so you get all the photos you want!

1. Enjoy the Day

You should not be consumed with worrying about pictures and details on your big day. It’s YOUR DAY, so do whatever makes YOU happy! Whether that means thanking guests in person or taking candid shots of yourself alongside the love of your life – just make sure to have fun while capturing those moments for posterity (and future kids). There will always still be plenty leftover from this special occasion even after everyone has gone home; don’t stress too much over getting every perfect shot because some great ones can only happen when things aren’t planned perfectly ahead of time.

2. Create a theme and build your wedding around it

To get the best pictures, you need to set a scene. Scenery usually makes up half of any photo itself – including where it’s being taken and what surrounds this venue; a perfect place for your ceremony or reception will give guests something great to take in as well! In order not just rely on surroundings when picking out locations though there are other factors too: Be specific about who is invited so everyone knows exactly why they’re attending (including their role), think through everything beforehand from flowers which flower should be used according-to theme if applicable? Centerpieces go without saying but don’t forget table decorations such as ribbons attached to candleholders filled with votives, candles, or even special candies that fit the theme to help create an atmosphere especially if it’s a themed wedding!


3. Always Have a Backup Plan

Both bride and groom should have a backup plan for emergencies on the big day. A good idea is to hire an extra photographer in case anything goes wrong with your main shooter, or even two photographers from the start if possible! You may also need help during food prep time which could be stressful when you’re managing everything else going onto this special occasion – call event planners who specialize in these types of things can come right away so that all attention isn’t focused solely towards them while they try their best not break anything.

4. Write Down Must Have Pictures

Throughout the night, you will have several different pictures that need to be taken. Generally, these are photos with certain guests; write down all the shots in mind for your shoot list below.

It’s important not only during wedding festivities but also beforehand so as not to miss anyone out! You may even want to mention specific groups or people who should Avoid taking A Picture Together if it is because of personal reasons like sorority sisters and theater friends/family members etc., before meeting up again later when everything begins setting up at the venue.


5. It’s All About the Lighting

Lighting means everything to a photographer. Schedule outdoor pictures at the most ideal times throughout the day, and be ready for sunrise or sunset when it comes! If your venue doesn’t have natural lighting of its own (or if you’re shooting on location), make sure that there’s plenty from which to choose with backup lights as necessary – even small LED panels can give good results in certain situations where needed light isn’t available otherwise.

6. Stick to Your Schedule

It’s hard to stick with your schedule on wedding days. You want everything done by the minute, but it just isn’t possible! Hiring an event planner can help in these chaotic times and take some stress off of your back so you don’t end up wasted from running around trying too much or not enough at all – giving yourself plenty of time will make sure everything goes smoothly without any hiccups along the way (and who doesn’t love their photos?). When planning out each step beforehand is important; getting ready takes longer than expected which means providing more cushion room saves lots of heartaches later downstream. Keep this in mind as you make your plan.


7. Check Out the Venue during Your Wedding Time

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to consider what picturesque spots will make for beautiful photos. If some certain locations or moments stand out as favorites among your friends and family members in addition to those of us who took on the task of capturing these special memories then be sure they get documented! Come prepared with any questions before visiting so no time goes wasted during this visit; also think through weather-related plans just like we would if heading outside unprepared because let’s face it, it’s not always sunny in the daytime!



8. Be in the Moment

On your wedding day, you will be posing a lot. Like the tip from number 1—don’t be afraid to take more natural pictures! Encourage your loved ones and yourself in between posed shots with candid photos for memories that are as unique to them-and YOU. The photographer is often there to help out when needed so all poses should feel comfortable enough where they can get creative angles by themselves too.


9. Get the Right Photographer

Picking a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You want to pick someone who will give both yourself and guests an amazing experience, but also work within whatever budget restrictions (if any) are set before them- remember we all have different preferences when it comes down to how much money can be spent on something like this! It might take some research into local photographers to find what works best with yours; looking at reviews about each potential candidate as well their past clients’ portfolios or photos from other events they’ve shot could help narrow things down significantly. Once these three steps – deciding which type of artist would suit YOU, searching out appropriate candidates based on criteria determined, and making the final decision- are complete, the photographer should feel like one of the easiest parts of wedding planning!


Choosing a Wedding Photographer

From the moment your guests arrive at the reception hall, they are in for an experience like no other. Your wedding day should be a memorable one that you can share with loved ones forever – we want every person attending this special occasion to feel welcomed and loved by all who attend it too! So let us capture those moments of joyous celebration as well as any tearful goodbyes on film so future generations can see how much love existed on your day. Choose Symboll as your wedding photographer. Interested in wedding videography? We do that too. Thank you so much for reading! We can’t wait for you to have a blast on your day!


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