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Why hire one Wedding Photography & Video Company

Why hire one Wedding Photography & Video Company

6 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Hire the Same Wedding Photography and Videography Company

If you are getting married, you have undoubtedly been looking for the right wedding photography and videography company. There are many out there to choose from, but if you want to make sure that your experience is a good one, consider hiring the same vendor. Here are five reasons why having the same photographer and videographer at your wedding can be beneficial:

6 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

5 Reasons to Hire the Same Wedding Photography and Videography Company

1) The Shared Incentives and Accountability

When hiring the same company to capture your wedding film and photographs, you are able to align priorities. You both want quality results that will set up each other for success so it’s in everyone’s best interest when working together on this project! With all creative teams being 100% accountable for their individual shortcomings or successes there is no room left over at fault – which means less friction during production resulting in higher-quality work overall because nobody has anything else weighing them down besides making great pictures happen.

Hiring a photographer that works well with videographer can help ensure more creative collaboration between these two roles rather than having one or the other feeling left out due to lack of communication!


2) Better Communication, Workflow & Positioning

When photo and video teams work together on a project, the experience they have working with one another is invaluable. This reduces wasted time during shoots when one team obstructs or distracts from what their partner wants to photograph because of how long it takes for them to get into position while also improving overall creativity since every member has seen it before!

3) The Common Shared Vision and Style

When you book a combined photography and videography package, the team will work together to ensure your vision. No more fighting for cheesy poses or worrying about what mood is desired- they have already planned out everything from start to finish.

The shared style ensures that all of these things come true: You won’t be unhappy with any specific shot because everyone has bought into this same idea as their own; The shoot itself feels less stressful thanks in part by not being forced into certain poses and also with all around creative contribution.

Here are some examples of of consistency in our work between photo and video.

The Historic Cree Estate Wedding Photography

The Historic Cree Estate Wedding Videography

The Millwick Los Angeles Wedding Photography

The Millwick Los Angeles Wedding Videography



4) Fewer Contracts & Admin for a combined Photography and Videography Package

That’s right, you can have it all in one meeting! By combining photography and videography services with a single company into your booking process you will save time. You won’t have any trouble communicating or signing contracts because they handle everything for their clients.

Using one vendor who offers both photo coverage as well as video footage saves time when booking appointments; communicating back & forth between managers, confusion over contracts etc.,

5) Wedding Photography and Videography Package Discounts

We understand that price isn’t the only factor in choosing a photographer and videographer for your big day. It always helps to consider the details. We offer potential pricing discounts when you book both photography and videography together with us.  Contact our studio today to see how you can get the best quality and service !


Finding a Wedding Photography and Videographer

Most wedding photographers are good at taking pictures, but not necessarily telling stories.

At Symboll we believe that every person deserves to have their story told. We don’t just want you to get some pictures and videos of your day; we want you to get timeless memories – your wedding memories that you can relive again and again for years to come. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day; but it also tells a story about everyone who has come there with love in their hearts for you – family members, friends or colleagues who wanted nothing more than wish you happiness on this special day. It is a day that has a start and an end point which means there’s an obvious beginning as well as an ending where two people share vows with each other before celebrating together with all those around them. This is exactly what our packages are designed for – give us one shot at making sure these moments stay forever. Thank you for reading and we have no doubt your day will be amazing!


If your wedding spans multiple dates, just select your wedding ceremony date and we will confirm other dates shortly