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Filipino Wedding Traditions

Filipino Wedding Traditions

23 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Filipino Wedding Traditions

Filipino weddings are an impressive fusion of modern and historic customs. Traditionally, these cultural weddings celebrate two families coming together rather than just the individual participants in this traditional matrimony ritual; they're a celebration between clans that share strong family bonds with allure attire like Barong -traditional lace clothing worn by men during wedding ceremonies-and Filipiniana flourish as much loved traditions such Tinikling folk dance being performed to music typically played on castanets or clacking sticks while dancing circles around shrubs dipped into hot oil).

23 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

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Filipino Wedding Ceremony

With 80% of Filipinos being Catholic, it’s no surprise that Filipino weddings are heavily influenced by this religion. From reading prayers and blessings to wearing white in honor for Christian purity or exchanging necklaces as symbols of their love story – there is always something special about the church at a wedding! Their tradition is truly beautiful.

Filipino Wedding Sponsors

A Filipino wedding is not just an intimate affair between two people, it’s a beautiful event that includes many more significant members. These important guests play key roles in the lives of both bride and groom- they’re called “Principal Sponsor” or Secondary Sponsors for their courage and support throughout everything together! During ceremonies prayers are offered up by all those gathered to honor these special individuals who have helped them achieve this momentous occasion with love from friends old (and new).


Catholic Coin Ceremony | The Arras

The coins worn by the bride and groom on their wedding day are not just any old currency. They’re 13 Arras – or a purseful! Brought to the altar in this manner, these sacred pennies represent the couples’ commitment towards each other as well as future children they plan on having together; before God at church today they make promises that will live forever with them through good times and bad because it’s never too late for love

The tradition began centuries ago when wealthy men would give token gifts (often jewelry) specifically tailored toward newlyweds from rich families who could afford luxuries such marriage-related expenses but still might lack necessities like food beforehand following nuptials.

Arras are still seen today – not just arinsal but at weddings all throughout the world because filipino wedding traditions have carried over globally…even near and far!


Catholic Veil Ceremony

The Catholic veil ceremony is a beautiful and important event in the wedding process. The two individuals are united through this symbolic gesture, wishing for good health together as husband or wife with one person’s protection coming from another’s loyalty to themself- just like how you would offer yourself up so someone else can take care of their needs!

Catholic Cord Ceremony

A cord that connects the two together, this figure of eight design represents their bond and union. The couple will receive a blessing from their sponsors before they place it on top for good luck in infinity style.

Catholic Candle Ceremony | Unity Candle

In Filipino culture, it is a custom to have two candles on the wedding day that represent each individual. The bride and groom will only light one candle together at their altar as they symbolize their unity with themselves from past experiences in life before getting married.


Filipino Wedding Dress | The Filipiniana

The Filipinana is a traditional Filipino dress that has often been seen at weddings. The two-piece outfit features large butterfly sleeves and fine quality fabrics, impeccable embroidery, as well vibrant colors to make it stand out from the rest of groom’s attire on such special occasions! Modern day brides have evolved into choosing elegant white dresses with elaborate detailing such as smaller armscyes or shorter trains in comparison – yet still maintaining some semblance towards what an old fashioned formal gown would be like (think big).

Filipino Groom Attire | Barong Tagalog

Barongs have a long history in the Philippines. The Barong, or more commonly known as just “the shirt” is an iconic piece of clothing worn by males at formal events such as weddings and birthday parties to signify their membership within society when they’re not working outside taking care of everyday life needs like eating dinner with family members after coming back from work all day long while also making money so that you can buy groceries every now then; even if it means sacrificing time away from loved ones because we cannot live without them!!

The artwork on this garment may typically include embroidery around frontside chest region designed similarly into shape similar to a coat of arms. As for color, the Barong is typically white but other colors are not unusual to see like cream, beige, and light green.


Filipino Food

What is a Filipino wedding without the delicious smell of lechon? Although there’s no set menu for Filipina weddings, selecting your caterer can be one way to make guests feel welcome and satisfied. Lechons are great starters with longganisa or kaldereta as sides – they will not regret it!

Filipino Money Dance

The Money Dance is a fun tradition that many cultures have used during their receptions. The DJ will ask men and women to line up in separate lines, grab an empty pin with which they can dance once it’s their turn—the idea being money received from this activity represents good fortune while also signify financial assistance as the couple begins on its journey together as husband or wife.

In Filipino weddings, the money dance is a common tradition. It’s often seen at Mexican and Nigerian Weddings too! Click here for more information about this interesting practice and how you can do it in your own wedding or other special event to bring luck into everyone’s life who attends from beginning till end.

Filipino Folk Dances

The rich Filipino heritage includes a unique collection of classical dances that pay tribute to the country’s history. It is common in these performances, which range from The Itik-Itik (a folk tradition) and Sayaw sa Bangko Pantomina–to be included at different points throughout receptions or during dinner time as part traditional showmanship for guests entertainment purposes.


Finding a Filipino Wedding Photographer

Most wedding photographers are good at taking pictures, but not necessarily telling stories.

At Symboll we believe that every person deserves to have their story told. We don’t just want you to get some pictures and videos of your day; we want you to get timeless memories – your wedding memories that you can relive again and again for years to come. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day; but it also tells a story about everyone who has come there with love in their hearts for you – family members, friends or colleagues who wanted nothing more than wish you happiness on this special day. It is a day that has a start and an end point which means there’s an obvious beginning as well as an ending where two people share vows with each other before celebrating together with all those around them. This is exactly what our packages are designed for – give us one shot at making sure these moments stay forever. Thank you for reading and we have no doubt your day will be amazing!


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