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Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican Wedding Traditions

15 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican weddings are full of life, fun and most importantly family! Some couples may want to incorporate some aspects into the big day.

15 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

This article will provide tips for those looking to honor these traditions in their Mexican wedding without further ado let’s get started.

The Bride’s Dress

A traditional Mexican wedding dress is a beautiful and timeless way to show your commitment. With Spanish elements, these dresses have their roots in Seville Spain where gypsies first started incorporating modern clothing designs into their tradition of wearing romantic ball gowns on special occasions like weddings or strolls down memory lane for the elderly. Today’s brides often go for an array styles that can be translated as “traditional,” adding subtle hints from Mexico such us using veils with contemporary prints – think Dolores Hernandez mantillas -to make it uniquely yours without being too pedantic about labels!

Los Padrinos | Mexican Wedding Sponsors

Los Padrinos is the official term for sponsors at a Mexican Wedding. The bride and groom will handpick their friends/mentors to act as role models during wedding rituals, such as witnessing or participating in mass with them!

The two types are gift givers who give gifts instead of being present like other witnesses do; this could be anything from jewelry through cash donations so it’s up-to each individual what he/she wants his/her sponsor(s) represent him/herself by giving more than just time commitment but also financially too.


Church Wedding

The Mexican wedding ceremony is traditionally held in the Catholic church. For many, getting married with God present brings about feelings of hope and spirituality that can’t be matched by any other ritual for Catholics

The 7 Most Important Rituals 1) Getting Married 2) Baptism 3) Sanctifier 4) Communion 5) Confirmation 6) Last Rites/Anointing With Chrism 7) Ordination

Wedding Coins

The tradition of Las Arras Matrimonial is to signify the groom’s wealth. These coins have 13 in number- one for each disciple and Jesus himself, after exchanging vows he hands his bride an ornate box full her blessings on their marriage . This act symbolizes trust between man and woman; as well it should! It shows how much confidence this person has that not only does she get all these riches but also keeps them safe until death do us part.


Wedding Lasso

The lasso is a symbol of unity. It can be made from rosary beads or string flowers to signify that this couple will share their love with everyone around them, no matter what happens. The bride’s sponsors put the cord on her shoulders first and then onto his own in order for it form an eight which they must both wear throughout Mass while also removing themselves once its time comes out – just like how one person takes off each other’s shoes at weddings!

Mariachi Band

Mariachi bands are a staple during cocktail hour or dinner time at Mexican Weddings. They sing folklore songs that are reminiscent of Mexican traditions, with the tunes favored by both young and old alike.

Mariachis have been playing for weddings since colonial Mexico when they were known as “coplas de bronce” – lyrics in praise sung by minstrels who would wear silver masks on their faces while performing so people could tell them apart from other performers nearby though these days there’s no need because everyone knows what sounds come outta those drums!


Traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes

Unlike a western wedding where the bride and groom have their big tiered cake waiting for them at reception, Mexican tradition dictates that to be true in your home festivities. This is not always possible with smaller budgets so many couples compromise on something else rather than none of those items being present or prepared properly! When an option does exist though; polvorones (the traditional Mexico Cake) should make its way onto display tables along side other cakes such as tres leches – a sweet concoction made from three types milk usually served during weddings…and fruitcake which might sound gross but has been serving up fudgy goodness all over Europe since time immemorial!!

The Money Dance

The dance of money has been around for centuries, as it is in Mexican, Filipino, and Nigerian weddings. In these cultures the newlyweds will often receive a tip from guests who want to show their love and approval by asking the bride and/or groom to dance.


Finding a Mexican Wedding Photographer

Most wedding photographers are good at taking pictures, but not necessarily telling stories.

At Symboll we believe that every person deserves to have their story told. We don’t just want you to get some pictures and videos of your day; we want you to get timeless memories – your wedding memories that you can relive again and again for years to come. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day; but it also tells a story about everyone who has come there with love in their hearts for you – family members, friends or colleagues who wanted nothing more than wish you happiness on this special day. It is a day that has a start and an end point which means there’s an obvious beginning as well as an ending where two people share vows with each other before celebrating together with all those around them. This is exactly what our packages are designed for – give us one shot at making sure these moments stay forever. Thank you for reading and we have no doubt your day will be amazing!


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