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Vietnamese Wedding Traditions: A Guide

Vietnamese Wedding Traditions: A Guide

13 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Vietnamese Wedding Traditions: A Comprehensive Guide

Vietnamese wedding celebrations are a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the union of two people. Vietnamese weddings often last three days, with festivities starting on the first day and ending on the third. Vietnamese wedding traditions vary from one region to another but some elements remain consistent throughout all Vietnamese cultures.

13 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

In this blogpost, we will explore Vietnamese wedding traditions.


Traditionally, the groom’s parents will lead a procession to the bride’s family home where they are greeted by those who have come before them. Gifts are carried in even numbers and stored within an urn-like container known as Mâm Qua or red tins which cover with a traditional cloth for safekeeping until it is time to exchange gifts on behalf of both families involved during these proceedings. After permission has been granted from one another’s elders (in this case grandmother), then does he may choose whether his male relatives should share out any items among themselves first but always ensuring nobody goes without something special just because somebody else got more than him! The young man himself steps forth only after being fully stocked up beforehand–mindful of the Vietnamese saying:

“Ăn cùng mà không ăn, giường nghỉ chung mà không ngơ!” [translation:] “Eat from the same pot but don’t sleep in the same bed.” Vietnamese wedding traditions demand that if one wishes to be considered a man, he must never covet another’s share of the good things in life! Vietnamese wedding traditions continue on with the tea and candle ceremony.



The Tea Ceremony is an ancient custom that combines the celebration of marriage with honoring ancestors. For many Vietnamese people, this part means they will be joining two families as one in order to start a new life together for their children and future generations too! It’s also where you would exchange rings or vows before starting your married life off on the right foot by gifting each other green tea from both sides–first going around among extended family members who give money out first followed by jewelry then advice being shared between bride/groom themselves once everyone has had enough time meeting face-to-face without interruption during what should be joyous moment filled not only sadness but relief after finally saying goodbye forever to their parents and becoming independent. This is a very special event that helps to bring great honor upon both families’ names for all time!



One of the most iconic symbols for a Vietnamese wedding is their traditional dress, Ao Dai. The bride and groom wear this outfit during both ceremonies as they make rounds to greet guests with its floor-length panels that flow into each other at the center front – giving off an elegant appearance while also quite figuring flattering! They will often don headpieces called Khan Dong to complete their formal look which consists mostly of color-coordinated hair buns worn high over one ear respectively.


In many parts of Asia, including Vietnam and China, for example, it is not uncommon to have a second ceremony after the main event which has more traditional aspects. This can include dressing up in costumes or getting married with all white clothing worn by one partner during their special day as well being awarded an elegant suit at sunset rather than simply wearing black as most people would think about doing on such occasions! Vietnamese weddings incorporate both Western and Eastern wedding traditions, though the traditional Vietnamese ceremony can be carried out in a number of different ways depending on where you live–from small town to big city!



The Vietnamese wedding receptions often follow the same format as a typical American reception, with a grand entrance and all of its traditional festivities. The difference is that there will be “Welcome Photos” during your celebration too! You can also expect table visits in addition to other various activities such as dancing or dessert eating contests for those who enjoy carbs more than they do socialize over dinnerware shaped like animals heads or fruit bowls on wheels while sipping cocktails styled after tropical drinks you might find near beachfront destinations across Asia (which are quite delicious).


Vietnamese Welcome Photos

In addition, welcome photos are popular amongst Vietnamese wedding receptions. The bride and groom will be situated at the reception entrance to take a photo with each of their guests. Some couples choose not only for themselves but also through design or florists who can decorate custom backgrounds and prints before printing these special thank yous- which could cost just as much if not more than having them printed normally with a local printer!


Vietnamese Table Visits

One of the most beautiful traditions that take place at Vietnamese wedding receptions is the table visits. As a thank you and sign of respect, each guest will make their way to one or two tables during this time where they can meet with family members who are not present in person. The bride/groom walks around shaking hands while uttering phrases like “I hope we’ve been good enough for your company” before stopping by some other important people too! If it’s an engagement party then there’ll also be envelopes filled with money handed over as part-payment from guests wishing them well into married life together; once all have met up again after making connections across tables everyone starts celebrating – officially beginning what should hopefully become many happy years spent together as a couple!


Make it your own

Weddings are all about personalization, and it’s no different with your wedding. Use traditions from other cultures to make it unique! Add in custom elements that reflect who you are as well-in flavor or design; there will be something perfect for everyone when they do this right.


Remembering your Vietnamese Wedding

Most wedding photographers are good at taking pictures, but not necessarily telling stories.

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