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Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Venue Review

Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Venue Review


Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades offers stunning coastal scenery for wedding photography. From intimate moments by the water to grand portraits against the ocean backdrop, photographers have abundant opportunities. As a private and inclusive venue, it ensures exclusivity and convenience for couples and their photographers.

30 April 2024 / Caius Symboll®


Why we love shooting at Bel-Air Bay Club: Its elegant atmosphere caters perfectly to photographers seeking a versatile venue. From the bridal suites to the reception area, and from the courtyard to the lawn boasting ocean views and cityscapes, there’s no shortage of picturesque spots. Many photographers and couples favor Bel-Air Bay Club as their top wedding venue for good reason. With over 20 occasions photographing couples here, each visit yields some of our most cherished galleries, reaffirming our passion for our work and our workplace.


Bel-Air Bay Club, established in 1927, epitomizes coastal elegance in Los Angeles. Offering stunning ocean views, lush lawns, and elegant indoor spaces, it provides couples with an idyllic setting for their wedding. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, every detail is meticulously crafted for an unforgettable experience. With its historic charm, modern luxury, and impeccable service, Bel-Air Bay Club creates timeless moments of romance and celebration.


50-275 guests (300 max)

Couples can host intimate weddings starting at 50 guests or plan larger events for up to 300 with the use of reception area extensions.


High: April – November
Low: December – March

This venue caters to all months of the year, being in a mild climate.


Starting at $35,000

All-year-round Mon-Thurs: $35k
Off-Season: $40k-$60K
Prime Season: $50k-$80k
(these prices include catering, parking and most rentals.)

What's Included:

Catering + Valet

Food & Beverage is included in price. You must use the venue’s in-house catering, but options can vary based on your preferences.

Location & Accesibility:

Pacific Palisades, CA

Located in Pacific Palisades, CA just 16 miles from LAX, Bel-Air Bay Club is situated right on the Pacific Coast in the heart of Malibu. There is no outside access to the public, so the lawn typically used for ceremonies is private for you and your guests.

Ambiance & Aesthetics:

Ocean Front, Classical Architecture

Bel-Air Bay Club is of Mediterranean Spanish-style design with oceanfront views from the ceremony area and even the reception area. The space has options depending on guest sizes for reception locations. Smaller weddings may choose the courtyard, dining area, or the reception room, each having its own atmosphere.

Amenities Included:

Some Rentals Provided

Bel-Air Bay Club boasts that most of what couples may need, including rentals such as chairs, tables, tents, and electrical, can be provided on-site. There is no need to outsource these items prior to your wedding day, as they are included in the standard package.


Catering + Valet are required in house

Couples are allowed to hire any vendor outside of Food & Beverage, so photographers, videographers, day-of planners, and DJs are up to your discretion.

Wedding Flow

At Bel-Air Bay Club, the entire estate is yours for the booking, allowing for customization of events. Guests begin at the lawn for the ceremony, then move to the living room and courtyard for cocktail hour. The dining room opens after cocktail hour, signaling guests to find their seats, followed by the couple’s grand entrance and first dance. The venue accommodates up to 275 guests, with a preferred vendor list for services beyond valet and food/beverage. The estate offers exclusivity, privacy, and proximity to Santa Monica and LAX, making it an ideal location for weddings. Basic rentals are included, making it a one-stop-shop, and a wedding planner is now required for day-of coordination.

Please check out our walkthrough video and photo gallery here.


Getting Ready

The bridal suite is overlooking the patio next to the lawn where you will enjoy your ceremony. The bridal suite is equipped with multiple mirrors, outlets and a private area to enjoy time with your bridesmaids and family. It is also right next to the best first look location on the premise.


First Look Spots

There are multiple areas that are perfect for first looks. The lawn is a great place to get gorgeous sunlight and ocean views. There is also the patio outside the bridal suite that is our favorite location to shoot and because it is seamless coming out of the bridal suite when you finish getting ready. Other locations are inside the venue itself, with grand windows to bring in soft light, classical decor and


Guests Arriving

Upon guests arriving they are greeted by valet and directed to the ceremony area, from the ceremony area they are guided to the courtyard for cocktail hour before the doors open up for reception.

From Ceremony to Reception

One of the standout features of Bel-Air Bay Club is its seamless flow from one area to another. Guests effortlessly transition between locations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable day for everyone. This streamlined process affords us ample time to capture moments with our couples, seamlessly transitioning into candid shots during cocktail hour, and providing dedicated one-on-one time with couples before the ceremony and during romantic moments. With stunning views and elegant decor adorning every corner of the venue, there’s endless potential for capturing extraordinary images.


Cocktail Hour

The most popular location is the courtyard, it is between the dining hall and reception area. when cocktail hour is over, the sliding glass doors will open up to the reception area, signaling your guests to move in.


Creative Photo Locations

Bel-Air has a ton of options for romantics, the interior space brings in tons of light, with tons of elegant decor for classy editorial portraits. Outside has tons of space on the lawn with gorgeous sunset lighting. you can face in different directions to get dreamy lighting and either ocean, city or venue backdrops. There is also the terrace that gives a nice warm glow later in the day that is popular among couples that gives a grand mediterranean vibe.



Depending on your guest count, you can have it in the courtyard for smaller gatherings, this could be very intimate during warmer months under the sky and the venue has string lights across to balance the ambience with included heaters as well

Thoughts and Review

The venue’s seamless layout facilitates a stress-free wedding day for couples and their guests. With a chef boasting over 20 years of experience, the culinary experience promises exceptional flavors and options to suit all preferences. Its multiple areas, featuring both spaciousness and intimacy, establish this venue as one of LA’s premier locations. Additionally, it is favored by photographers for its picturesque settings, and its year-round mild weather ensures comfort for events held in both high and low seasons. Conveniently located near Santa Monica, it offers easy access to a range of accommodation options, perfect for out-of-town guests seeking hotel stays.


If you need more information about the venue or wish to get in touch, you can visit their website here or call 310-230-4700. Ask for Jenny Martin, their Upper Club Special Events and Catering Director.


If your wedding spans multiple dates, just select your wedding ceremony date and we will confirm other dates shortly