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Calamigos Ranch Wedding Venue Review

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Venue Review


Located in Malibu, Calamigos Ranch offers a perfect setting for weddings. The venue features abundant greenery, majestic oak trees, and serene water features, ideal for wedding photos. With distinct areas like The Redwood Room, The Birchwood Room, The Pavilion and The Oaks Room, each space provides its own unique charm for your special day.

27 May 2024 / Caius Symboll®


Calamigos Ranch offers diverse venues ideal for photography. Each area has unique features that make it special. The Redwood Room is surrounded by towering trees and a peaceful pond. The Birchwood Room has an intimate setting with a cascading waterfall. The Oak Room features a scenic deck and a stone waterfall backdrop. The Pavilion provides expansive lawns and an elegant white tent with draped fabric and lights, creating a charming atmosphere. Although just a short drive from Los Angeles, the ranch feels like a complete escape from the city. We’ve photographed many weddings here and always had a great experience with the venue, staff, and amenities.


Established in 1937 by J. Grant Gerson, the ranch began as a boys’ camp and nature retreat. It transformed into a premier wedding venue in the 1970s. Set in a peaceful, mountainous area, the ranch enjoys a mild, pleasant climate year-round. Surrounded by lush greenery, oak trees, and water features, it offers a serene and beautiful setting. The venue combines historic charm with modern amenities, making it an ideal location for memorable weddings.


100-500 Guests

The Redwood Room: up to 250

The Oak Room: up to 160

The Pavilion: up to 500

The Birchwood Room: up to 120

The Vineyard: up to 100



All of Calamigos Ranch’s venues operate at full capacity year-round.


Wedding Packages Starting at $275 Per Person

Wedding Packages

2024: $275 per person

2025: $290 per person

2026: Inquire through venue

Sat/Sun: Additional $30 per person

Rentals Only

Fri/Sun: $10k & $75 per person

Sat: $15k & $85 per person

Weekdays: Inquire through venue

What's Included:

Catering | Site Rental | Ceremony & Reception Setup

Rentals include chairs, tables, linens, and glassware. Catering is provided. The site rental covers the grounds and dressing areas. Couples must arrange their own coordinator, cake, flowers, and entertainment.

Location & Accesibility:

Malibu, CA

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, California, this venue is easily accessible from Highway 101. It provides a convenient retreat for weddings and events, with easy access from the greater Los Angeles area.

Ambiance & Aesthetics:

Natural Beauty, Woodland Charm

Greenery, oak trees, and water features create a natural setting, complemented by twinkling lights and landscaped gardens. With a mild, pleasant climate year-round, it offers a serene atmosphere ideal for weddings.

Amenities Included:

Some Rentals Provided

The venue provides full catering and bar services, dressing areas, valet parking, and attentive waitstaff and bartenders. These amenities ensure a seamless experience, making it an attractive choice for celebrations.


Catering + Valet

Inclusive vendors cover catering, valet parking, and waitstaff. Couples need to arrange their own wedding coordinator, cake, flowers, entertainment, photographer, and officiant. Catering is provided, but if you prefer an outside service, a buyout fee may apply.

Wedding Flow

A wedding at Calamigos Ranch kicks off with a private outdoor ceremony, surrounded by greenery and natural beauty. After the vows, guests move to a garden or patio for cocktails, mingling in a setting that feels miles away from city life. The reception unfolds in a beautifully appointed space—be it indoors or under the open sky—where dining, dancing, and celebrating take center stage. With elegant bridal suites, comfortable rooms for the groom, and on-site accommodations, the ranch ensures every moment of the day flows seamlessly, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Getting Ready

Bridal suites and comfortable rooms are provided for the wedding party to get ready. These spaces are designed for convenience and relaxation, featuring ample seating, large mirrors, and plenty of natural light to ensure everyone looks their best. Brides and their attendants can enjoy a serene environment with amenities like private bathrooms, makeup stations, and refreshment areas. Grooms and their groomsmen have designated rooms equipped with comfortable seating and entertainment options, ensuring privacy and comfort. With on-site accommodations, the couple and their wedding party can enjoy the entire day at the venue without any hassle.


First Look Spots

First look spots at Calamigos Ranch aren’t just photo ops; they’re where stories start. The Redwood Room has this bridge and waterfall combo that feels like a movie set. The Birchwood Room? A cascading waterfall surrounded by enough greenery to make you forget you’re anywhere near civilization. The Oak Room comes with a stone waterfall and a backdrop straight out of a nature documentary. Plenty of couples go for the popular spots, but there are hidden gems here too—perfect for those unique, off-the-beaten-path photos. Every corner offers a private moment, setting the stage for unforgettable wedding day memories.


Guests Arriving

Upon arrival, guests receive valet parking and are directed to the ceremony location. They gather, take their seats, and the ceremony begins as planned. The venue ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for all attendees.

From Ceremony to Reception

After the ceremony, guests move to the designated cocktail hour areas, such as garden patios or decks, to enjoy drinks and appetizers. This is also the perfect time for couples to take romantic photos with the photographer. Once the cocktail hour concludes, guests are guided to the reception area, where they can find their seats and prepare for the grand entrance. The close proximity of each venue’s ceremony and reception areas ensures a timely transition for everyone involved.


Cocktail Hour

Guests transition to the designated cocktail hour areas, enjoying drinks and appetizers in scenic locations like garden patios, spacious lawns, or multi-level decks. Popular spots include the Redwood Room’s patio, the Birchwood Room’s deck under an ancient oak tree, the Oak Room’s adjoining deck, and the Pavilion’s expansive lawn. This relaxed atmosphere allows for mingling and appreciating the beautiful surroundings before moving on to the reception.


Creative Photo Locations

These spots aren’t just pretty backgrounds; they’re authentic settings that bring out the best in your wedding moments. The Redwood Room has a bridge and waterfall that feels like stepping into another world, perfect for those candid, intimate shots. The Birchwood Room offers a cascading waterfall and enough greenery to make you feel like you’re in a lush forest. The Oak Room brings a stone waterfall and serious natural vibes—no fake backdrops here. And The Pavilion? Expansive lawns with a Ferris wheel that adds a touch of whimsy. These settings are characters in your wedding story, ensuring every moment is unique and memorable.



Each venue at Calamigos Ranch offers distinct reception areas, perfect for celebrating your special day. The Redwood Room features an indoor space with a stone fireplace and large windows overlooking the water features, providing an elegant setting. The Birchwood Room has a private, multi-level deck surrounded by streams and trees, ideal for an intimate reception. The Oak Room offers a dining area with glass walls and wooden accents, combining natural beauty with a warm ambiance. The Pavilion provides an expansive lawn and an elegant white tent with draped fabric and lights, creating a charming atmosphere. These varied settings ensure a memorable and personalized reception for each couple.

Thoughts and Review

We love the uniqueness of each venue at Calamigos Ranch, offering diverse and beautiful locations for photos. The natural light and vibrant colors create stunning backdrops. Importantly, we appreciate how accommodating the staff and facilities are. This venue prioritizes aesthetics, intimacy, and privacy, making it a top choice for weddings. With over 10 weddings shot here, we can confidently say that Calamigos Ranch always delivers an exceptional experience. We always look forward to returning and highly recommend it to anyone planning their special day.

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