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Carondelet House

Carondelet House


When you step into the Carondelet House, you’re immediately struck by its urban, yet vintage charm. This Italian villa-inspired venue in downtown Los Angeles offers a unique blend of elegance and modern convenience. The exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and expansive windows provide a perfect canvas for creativity. The interior feels like a cozy, sophisticated home, filled with antique furniture, fireplaces, and an eclectic mix of artwork. The main hall is spacious enough to host a lively reception but can be easily transformed for a more intimate ceremony. The adjacent courtyard, with its string lights and rustic decor, is perfect for cocktail hours.

26 June 2024 / Caius Symboll®


This venue is a one-of-a-kind space that doesn’t disappoint for great photos. It combines old-world charm, chic style, and rustic elegance all wrapped into one. The exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and expansive windows provide excellent lighting and composition opportunities. The interior’s mix of antique furniture and artwork allows for creative and distinctive shots. Natural light floods the space, making it ideal for capturing candid, intimate moments. The adjacent courtyard, adorned with string lights and rustic decor, provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor shots. The luxurious bridal suite, with its ample natural light and elegant decor, offers the perfect setting for pre-ceremony photos, making Carondelet House a versatile and inspiring place to capture a couple’s special day.


Carondelet House, built in 1928, exudes vintage charm with modern convenience. Located in downtown Los Angeles, this Italian villa-inspired venue features exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and expansive windows. Its antique furniture, fireplaces, and eclectic artwork create a unique ambiance. The versatile main hall and charming courtyard enhance its appeal. The well-appointed bridal and groom’s suites add a touch of luxury. Conveniently situated near major hotels and transportation hubs, Carondelet House offers easy access for guests and ample parking options, including valet services.


150 Guests

You have full access to the entire venue, enjoying every beautiful space it offers, including the luxurious bridal suite and the groom’s suite. Additionally, there’s a secure, accessible indoor parking lot next door. The venue provides a cozy, exclusive experience for smaller to mid-size weddings, accommodating up to 150 guests for sit-down receptions.



Carondelet House venues operate at full capacity year-round.


Venue Rental Starting at $7,000

Saturday: $9,000

Fri/Sun: $8,000

Mon-Thur: $7,000

Additional fees for site manager, cleaning and security (average $1500)

What's Included:

Site Rental | Decor | Parking

You have full access to the entire venue, allowing you to enjoy every beautiful space it offers. This includes exclusive use of the luxurious bridal suite and the well-appointed groom’s suite. Additionally, a secure and easily accessible indoor parking lot is located next door.

Location & Accesibility:

Los Angeles, CA

Conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles, the venue is easily accessible from the 10 and 110 freeways. It’s just 17 miles from LAX, making it an ideal spot for both local and out-of-town guests.

Ambiance & Aesthetics:

Hand Selected Vintage Decor, Chic & Rustic

Carondelet House exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern elegance. The aesthetic is enriched by hand-picked vintage decor, creating a unique and stylish backdrop for any event.

Amenities Included:

Some Rentals Provided

With the venue, you will also get all of the decor you see, tables, chairs, flatware, access to both suites and grand piano.

Basic amenities not included: table linens and napkins.


Catering & Bar

Très L.A., a multi-award-winning wedding catering service, offers exceptional cuisine that elevates any event. Carondelet House proudly highlights their exclusivity as a major attraction for the venue.

Wedding Flow

A wedding at Carondelet House begins with an intimate ceremony in a charming indoor space, surrounded by vintage decor and warm ambiance. Following the vows, guests transition to the adjacent courtyard for cocktails, enjoying the rustic elegance and twinkling string lights. The reception then takes place in the main hall, where the blend of exposed brick, antique furnishings, and high ceilings create a unique backdrop for dining, dancing, and celebration. With luxurious bridal suites, well-appointed rooms for the groom, and nearby accommodations, Carondelet House ensures the day flows effortlessly, leaving you with raw, indelible moments.


Getting Ready

The getting ready spaces are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The bridal suite, located upstairs, is bathed in natural light from a skylight, creating a serene and airy atmosphere. This spacious area is furnished with elegant couches, providing a relaxing spot for the bridal party. It features its own private bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy. The groom’s suite is equally well-appointed, offering a stylish and comfortable space for the groom and his party to prepare. Both suites are designed to provide a seamless, enjoyable start to your special day.


First Look Spots

For the first look, you’ve got some standout spots. The outdoor area is a lush, green haven with rustic charm. Our favorite spot is the courtyard, with its string lights adding a touch of magic. Inside, the exposed brick and vintage decor set a unique, edgy scene. Each spot is primed to capture that raw, emotional moment perfectly.


Guests Arriving

When guests arrive, they park in the lot next door and head straight to the venue. They’re directed to the courtyard or lounge for pre-ceremony mingling. Ushers guide them to their seats, ensuring a seamless transition. The staff keeps everything flowing effortlessly from start to ceremony.

From Ceremony to Reception

After the ceremony, guests move to the designated cocktail hour areas, such as garden patios or decks, to enjoy drinks and appetizers. This is also the perfect time for couples to take romantic photos with the photographer. Once the cocktail hour concludes, guests are guided to the reception area, where they can find their seats and prepare for the grand entrance. The close proximity of each venue’s ceremony and reception areas ensures a timely transition for everyone involved.


Cocktail Hour

During cocktail hour, guests spill into the courtyard, a space buzzing with rustic charm and twinkling string lights. Drinks flow, hors d’oeuvres circulate, and the vibe is laid-back yet electric. It’s the perfect scene for conversation and connection, setting the tone for what’s next. The courtyard’s atmosphere adds a unique edge, making every moment feel spontaneous and vibrant.


Creative Photo Locations

For romantic photos, the courtyard stands out with its rustic charm and string lights. The lush greenery offers a natural, vibrant backdrop. Inside, exposed brick and vintage decor provide unique, edgy settings. Each spot captures the essence of romance and character, perfect for unforgettable shots. Plus, downtown LA offers wonderful scenery for even more unique photo opportunities.



The reception area combines exposed brick, high ceilings, and vintage decor for a unique, edgy vibe. With flexible seating arrangements, it accommodates both intimate and larger gatherings. The space transitions smoothly from dining to dancing, ensuring a lively atmosphere. Each detail, from the lighting to the layout, enhances the energy of the evening.

Thoughts and Review

Carondelet House nails it with Tres LA’s top-notch catering—seriously, the food is unforgettable. The venue itself is a cozy blend of rustic charm, vintage elegance, and urban edge. It’s a visual feast for everyone, and the timeless decor always hits the mark. This place has become a favorite, not just for its looks, but because every detail is crafted with pride and care. It’s more than a venue; it’s an experience where every element comes together perfectly.

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For more details about the catering, check out Très L.A. here.


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