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Cielo Farms Wedding Venue Review

Cielo Farms Wedding Venue Review


Deep in the heart of Malibu, offers an intimate, family-owned venue with a unique Italian-Mediterranean charm. This 30-acre coastal vineyard features breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Mountains, lush vineyards, and hundreds of olive trees. The rustic stone barn adds a touch of old-world elegance, making it a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. With the ability to host up to 200 guests, Cielo Farms is perfect for both cozy gatherings and larger celebrations. The venue’s comprehensive services, including event coordination, valet parking, and custom menu design, ensure your day runs smoothly. The spectacular sunset views create a magical setting, making your evening celebrations unforgettable.

21 May 2024 / Caius Symboll®


Cielo Farms, with its private, exclusive, and mostly inclusive atmosphere, is undeniably one of our favorite venues. Who wouldn’t love capturing moments against a backdrop of stunning vistas and a Mediterranean climate? It provides an unobstructed canvas to shoot our couples with a cinematic approach, steering clear of the overly shot areas that often saturate wedding photography. We understand the importance of a venue’s schedule. What sets this location apart is its commitment to ensuring a seamless wedding experience. With its inherent beauty and versatility, we’re provided many options to really produce an exceptional gallery.


Getting married with a breathtaking view and perfect weather, watching the sunset—it doesn’t get better than that. Guests love the outdoor wedding space, and it’s ideal for smaller weddings, hosting up to 200 guests. It’s one of the most intimate venues we’ve had the pleasure to photograph.


200 Max

Cielo Farms can accommodate up to 200 guests, including elopements with no minimum guest requirement.


Year-round Availibilty

Peak Season: April-October

Off Season: November-March


Starting around $12,500 for weekends

Seasons: On/Off

Saturdays: $14,500/$16,500

Fridays/Sundays: $12,500/$13,500

Weekdays: Priced by inquiry.

What's Included:

Rentals | Alcohol & Wine | Valet | Shuttle

This Venue is exclusive with:

Premier Party Rentals

Cielo Wine

Sweetwater Cocktails

Parking Attendance or Valet

Transportation Shuttle

Location & Accesibility:

Malibu, CA

Located in Santa Monica Mountains Cielo Farms is 46 miles from LAX.

Ambiance & Aesthetics:

Mediterranean vistas, private gardens, and luxurious decor

Cielo Farms features Mediterranean and old-world Italian design, offering a quaint venue perched on the cliffs overlooking Malibu’s interior vistas. With stunning sunset views and off-season warmer weather, it holds appeal year-round, making it an enchanting setting for weddings and events.

Amenities Included:

World Class Wine & Rentals

Cielo farms offers incredible wine from its local  vineyard. you may choose from Reds, Whites and Rosé to accommodate your wedding party. Rentals are exclusive, and for a good reason. Premier Party Rents provides consultations and personal design when it comes to your dream ceremony and reception.

Wedding Flow

Navigating wedding venues can be challenging, but Cielo Farms in Malibu offers a seamless experience with its intuitive layout. The venue allows smooth transitions from the ceremony in the vineyard to the cocktail hour by the rustic stone barn, and finally to the reception near the gardens. This efficient flow ensures your wedding timeline stays on track.

As wedding photographers, we appreciate Cielo Farms for its diverse and picturesque settings. The lush vineyards, olive trees, and elegant garden spaces provide perfect backdrops for both posed and candid shots. The venue’s design allows us to capture stunning images effortlessly, and the sunset views add an extra touch of magic, making your wedding day beautifully documented and stress-free.


Getting Ready

Brides have access to a stunning upstairs space with long windows and high ceilings for getting ready. The accommodations cater to all their needs, making it an ideal space to capture great images of the bride's final touch-ups and intimate moments with her family or maid of honor before moving into the first look.


First Look Spots

There's a plethora of first-look locations at Cielo Farms. With its openness to the cliffsides, there's always an abundance of light available. Whether it's in front of the barn, along the pathway next to the vineyards, or overlooking the canyons, you have optimal choices. I always recommend taking advantage of the vistas, especially if your ceremony is in the evening. The gorgeous light during sunset and blue hour provides the perfect backdrop for romantic portraits. As photographers, we absolutely adore capturing moments during this time.


Guests Arriving

Valet service at Cielo Farms ensures a seamless arrival and entry into the ceremony, enhancing the overall guest experience. From there, guests smoothly transition into cocktail hour and the reception, allowing couples to enjoy more time with their loved ones and minimizing any potential issues. Additionally, the service provides couples with exclusive time for crucial moments like the first look and romantic photo sessions, making the day even more special.

From Ceremony to Reception

Both the ceremony and reception unfold under the outdoor beauty of Cielo Farms. Your chosen spot may transition, but it remains oriented towards the captivating vistas that surround the venue. The venue’s layout ensures a seamless transition, allowing guests to enjoy the scenery throughout the event. The flexibility in settings accommodates both formal and relaxed atmospheres, enhancing the overall experience.


Cocktail Hour

Positioned in front of the barn, cocktail hour seamlessly transitions into the reception, providing guests with full access to the barn and an ideal space to enjoy the sunset.


Creative Photo Locations

There's an overwhelming wealth of romantic shooting locations here. From the breathtaking vista views to the secluded secret garden and the captivating Tuscany-inspired décor, every facet of this space beckons with promise. Each corner invites you to escape the crowd and indulge in intimate moments with your photographer, creating timeless memories against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.



There's an undeniable magic to an outdoor reception. From sunsets casting a warm glow over speeches to dining as dusk settles in, and then kicking off the dance floor under a starlit sky, every moment contributes to an enchanting evening. With all reception areas set amidst the outdoors, each setting promises its own charm, ensuring a memorable celebration regardless of choice.

Thoughts and Review

This reception venue is irresistibly cozy, with string lights casting a warm glow against the rustic barn backdrop. It’s snug in winter and pleasantly cool in summer, making it an all-season shooting haven. The table settings never fail to impress, and there’s something magical about speeches during the golden hour of sunset. Every detail adds to the unforgettable ambiance, making each event truly memorable. For more information, please inquire here or visit their website.



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