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The Complete Monterey Wedding Photographer Guide

The Complete Monterey Wedding Photographer Guide

29 November 2021 / Caius Symboll®

The Complete Monterey Wedding Photographer Guide

Read this complete guide so you will be the most prepared at your Monterey California Wedding! Written by the Symboll Photography team.

29 November 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Are you planning a Monterey wedding? If so, congratulations! You are about to have one of the best days of your life. Or are you considering a different city in the Bay Area? Or you’re getting married at Big Sur? Wedding photography is packed with details that will be preserved in time for years to come. Wedding photographers in Monterey can provide guidance and help document your day with beautiful images that will last forever.

Wedding photographers in Monterey don’t just take pictures – they capture moments, emotions, and memories on camera so they can tell the full story of your special day. When it comes to selecting a Monterey wedding photography for this most important occasion, it’s critical to find someone who meets all of your needs – not just their own agenda or wishes.


What are Monterey wedding photographers and what do they offer?

Monterey wedding photography encapsulates a professional who captures your dream wedding day. They offer a range of photography services to brides to ensure each bride has her special moment captured beautifully.

The best Wedding photographers offers several different varieties of photography services so as to meet any bride’s needs. Whether you want someone at your event who specializes in photographing close-ups or those from afar, your wedding photographer will be able to accommodate those requests and more. Due to the various levels of engagement between photographers and their clients – some requiring a little more involvement, others less – it’s important that you find a photographer for your event that best suits both parties’ needs.


How do I find the right Monterery Wedding Photographer for me?

It’s really important that you find the right Monterey CA photographer for you. You want to make sure they can provide everything you need to document your best wedding – because no Monterey CA wedding is quite like any other.

You’ll want to compare their packages and prices to guarantee they are offering the same services at a fair price, but also make sure they line up with your needs as well. You should also ask about what type of photography s/he specialize in or if their preferred approach is more hands-on vs. fly-on-the-wall. This may not seem very important before you’re getting married – but it’s an issue that many couples have come across when planning their Monterey event.

Wedding photographers will have a portfolio so you can see what they’ve done before and how it turned out. This is very important in determining whether or not the work of your chosen wedding photographer is right for you. You may want to consider asking past clients about their experience with them as well, as they can provide more insight into how weddings are handled.


What are some tips for planning my wedding?


– Consider any particular traditions in the area that you want to include in your best wedding, such as a cake cutting ritual taking place after the ceremony, a first look, bouquet/garter toss. Also consider if you’re able to add some Monterey CA spice to your wedding! How can the city itself influence some of your wedding traditions?


– If there are any vows or other important words you would like to say during your best wedding, consider writing them down beforehand (don’t just trust your memory!) so your photographer can be ready with their camera when it comes time for this moment.


– Be prepared to state what photos you want. Spontaneous sessions? Formal photoshoots at the reception? Therefore your photographer can be ready for it. Consider hiring asking about a second shooter as this will ensure they are able to capture every moment.

– Create an email list of potential guests before starting invitations or registries (even better if you set up an online invitation like evite).


More tips for your Monterey CA Wedding


– Instead of a wedding band, hire musicians for the ceremony and/or reception. It’s much classier.


– Look into venues that are free or offer day rates (such as parks).


– If you want a wedding dress, check out thrift stores or consignment shops – they’re often much more affordable than bridal boutiques! It’s much better for the environment plus it’s considered “cool” now to go thrifting.


– Do as much on your own as possible – flowers, invitations/stationary, escort cards (there’s lots of DIY ideas online), and you can have lots of fun intentional time with your friends as you work on them 🙂


Picking a Monterey CA Photographer

When it comes to your wedding photography, you want the best. You’ve spent so much time and money on every other aspect of your day that choosing a photographer should be intentional. Wedding photographers are not all created equal; some take mediocre photos while others capture breathtaking moments in time with their camera lens. We have worked hard for decades perfecting our craft as well as establishing ourselves as one of the top wedding photojournalists in the nation. Check out our portfolio here. We are all over the the best places in the Northern California Monterey area, from Carmel Valley, Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, and San Francisco. We even do destination weddings!

Hiring Symboll will give you the confidence that no matter what happens on your day, they will capture every moment in an artistic way that captures all of the emotion and joy of one of life’s most magical days. We are more than just photographers; we are artists who know exactly how to bring out our clients’ best qualities with our camera lens. If this sounds like something you want for your own photographic memories, then contact us below. Check out our guides on Big Sur and Santa Cruz below.


If your wedding spans multiple dates, just select your wedding ceremony date and we will confirm other dates shortly