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Persian Wedding Traditions and Photography

Persian Wedding Traditions and Photography

28 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

Persian Wedding Traditions and Photography

Take the fusion of two cultures, add in some modernity for good measure. The end result is a traditional Persian wedding which reflects both harmony and prosperity to pave way towards romance between couples who want their day sealed with tradition! Aspects like how many rituals are involved vary depending on where you live but they all have one thing: tying together old roots while still making it unique enough so everyone can feel included during this special time before marriage begin.

28 December 2021 / Caius Symboll®

We know that a traditional Persian wedding is an important moment in someone's life and we want to be there for every step of the process.

Persian Weddings are the Best

From meeting with your family, planning out symbols of unity like Mehmooni (reception party), foot-washing ceremony Khastegaree( courting )and finally being bound together as one through marriage; it’s an honor at Symboll to capture it all.

The Importance of the Persian Wedding Tradition

The Aroosi has a two-fold presence in the Persian wedding tradition. The first half of this special night features an intimate ceremony that illustrates how two families come together through marriage, and then later on at Mehmoonee there will be food for all! Sofreh Aghd compiles several symbolic elements from both Western tradition (wedding rings) as well Eastern practices like exchanging vows under Iranian costing lights.



Persian Wedding Ceremony

The meaning of each element is imperative to capturing the memories that our clients want. We have immersed ourselves in Persian culture, and it’s through this lens where we’re able to highlight pivotal moments from your day-of like interacting with Sofreh Aghd or showering you both Noghl (almond pieces) at some point during cocktails!

Sofreh Aghd Detail Pictures

When you step into the venue for your wedding, it will be like walking through a magical dream. You’ll see all of those moments captured beautifully on film-the ones where someone breaks a special glass or dips their spinning cone in honey! We are mindful about cultural nuances so that every detail – from how many guests come out to give speeches to what colors represent happiness and success among Persians – is perfect for YOUR ceremony.


Mehmooni Details Pictures

We’re always on the lookout for those little moments that tell a more complete story. For example, when guests begin to trickle into this wedding reception and see cake in front of them with their names written across it–they know exactly what’s coming next! The anticipation builds as each person takes one last look at how many layers there are before cutting into this delicious treat…only then does someone sneakily steal YOUR knife from right under you- which creates such hilarious reactions all around.

The perfect ending to a flawless day is capturing the moments that make your wedding reception unique. From dancing with guests, throwing rose petals on stage for dramatic effect or just enjoying each other’s company before dinner arrives – our photographers will document it all!


Persian Wedding Reception Photography

Some people prefer to have an intimate wedding while others may want their reception filled with guests and celebrations. Whatever you decide, the Jashn e Aroosi (Persian Wedding Reception) will be a perfect time for your newlyweds after they’ve gone through so much together-a momentous occasion in any relationship! We at our studio like capturing this feeling of harmony between two families by using intricate details from flooring candles flowers embroidery light setups etc., which reflects prosperity within each individual’s life as well when taken all together; because these things don’t just happen without hard work on both sides.


Aroos Detail Photos

From the way you have curated your dress to take center stage at every moment of this special day, we know that it is an outfit just for YOU. One thing our team can’t wait to capture? Your elegant footwear and sparkling jewelry-all handpicked by yourself! We strive in capturing those bridal details on camera so they’re never forgotten.


Choosing a Persian Wedding Photographer

From the moment your guests arrive at the reception hall, they are in for an experience like no other. Your wedding day should be a memorable one that you can share with loved ones forever- we want every person attending this special occasion to feel welcomed and loved by all who attend it too! So let us capture those moments of joyous celebration as well as any tearful goodbyes on film so future generations can see how much love existed on your day. Choose Symboll as your wedding photographer. Interested in wedding videography? We do that too. Thank you so much for reading! We can’t wait for you to have a blast on your day!


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